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  • Quick Environmental will visit your home or business to determine what measures need to be taken in order to remove your tank safely as well as determine what fuel is stored in the tank.
  • We will file the permit application for your township and your job is scheduled upon permit approval.
  • Once your job is scheduled we will call the New Jersey Dig Line or Pennsylvania Dig Line and have all underground utilities marked out.
  • Our expert technicians arrive at your location on the morning of your job and will go over the removal process again as well as answer any new questions you may have.
  • To prevent damage to your lawn, 4 X 8 foot heavy duty rubber mats are put down to dissipate the weight of trucks/backhoes on the lawn.
  • After locating the tank, any remaining fuel, sludge and solids in the tank are pumped out and taken to be recycled. All piping going into the tank is drained and flushed with care taken to avoid any spillage.
  • Any fuel that can’t be recycled is disposed of in accordance with applicable Federal and State regulations.
  • The soil covering the buried tank is carefully removed to prevent possible damage to underground utilities. Then the top of the tank is located and cut open.
  • The tank will then be unearthed.
  • Upon removal, Quick Environmental’s certified field technicians will hand clean the tank of all oil and sludge.
  • The tank will be carefully examined for even the tiniest of holes that would indicate a leak has occurred.
  • Your local municipal official will come out to the job site and inspect the tank.
  • Since the soil underneath the tank can’t be tested prior to removal, we will carefully screen the soil below the tank to determine if there is any fuel contamination.
  • If required, a soil sample is taken from below the tank and tested for any contaminants.
  • Clean fill is brought in and is used to backfill the excavation hole.
  • Screened topsoil is placed over the backfill and compressed to a height of 6 to 8 inches above grade to allow for settling.
  • The ground cover is seeded and covered with a layer of straw to help the seeds germinate. Most importantly, we leave the job site in a clean and neat condition.
  • Quick Environmental will prepare a closure letter with supporting documentation. The letter details the work performed and states that it meets all Local, State and Fire Code Regulations.
  • The letter will be sent to you and the township, and the permit file will be closed out.

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